GuildWars2 PVP Tracker

Below you can see a list of features added and bugs fixed in the past (ordered by date). If you think you found a bug, feel free to report it at

21.10.2016 ( Version 2)
  • New Design: Completely redesigned
  • New Design: Settings for own background (Link, Image, Color) added
  • New Design: Settings for disabling blur added
  • New Design: Redesigned mobile Design for Smartphones
  • Massive performance improvements: scripts reworked
  • Added selectable statistics time-frame to calculate statistics on personal and public profile (at the moment: 30, 90, 180 days or all matches).
  • Added Statistics by seasons to overall statistics
  • Added individual time-range-"search" on overall statistics (excluding season data)
  • Added possibility to see complete leaderboards (not only the top 25)
  • Added Feedback-Form
  • Added Share buttons at page-bottom
  • Added Notifications/System-Messages: Click on the upper left Button to see your Messages
  • some minor bug-fixes
  • Added Map "Eternal Coliseum"
  • Updated Backendscripts to catch some new API-Errors
  • Updated Backendscripts to handle new sPvP-Season correctly
  • Updated Map-List and inserted "Raid on the Capricorn"
  • some minor bug-fixes
  • Added Season-Stats (just counting ranked matches played when season is active)
  • Added "Previous Seasons"-List with Stats
  • Updated "Season"-Leaderboard to show and sort by Matches just played within this season
  • Added Season-Stats and Previous Seasons-List to public profile (included in "Season")
  • Updated Backendscripts for better performance
  • Fixed performance problems with ranking graph (now just 2 timestamps per day are shown)
  • Added repeat-counter for divisions (for legendary division only)
  • Added division-symbols to season-leaderboard
  • Added backend-support for gw2-season-data
  • Added Actual Season-Standing on personal Profile
  • Added Actual Season-Standing on public Profile (You have to allow this option in your Public-Profile-Settings)
  • Added Leaderboards for Season-Standing
  • Added Graph-Support for Season-Standing-Rank
  • Fixed a display-bug in real-rank-leaderboards not showing the correct rank for some persons
  • Fixed some small bugs
  • Added "Rank-Trend" to personal-stat-site. You can see your rank-trends for all four gw2pvp-leaderboards now. Data is calculated and stored since February 12th 2016.
  • Fixed a bug in public profiles
  • Extended leaderboads to show your personal rank if not in top25 (only when logged in)
  • Added feature to recover account with new API-Key if the old one is lost/deleted (Only works with Keys from the same account!)
  • Released Leaderboards for Overall, ranked and unranked matches as well as for real rank. (Beta only!)
  • Preparations for arenatype in match-details (for all matches fetched before the new API-Release, they are marked as "Unknown")
  • Several Bugfixes
  • Performance improvements and additional backendscripts
  • Fixed some bugs caused by last update.
  • Added "Real Rank" Feature: Now you can see how many times you completed Rank 80
  • Added "Real Rank" Feature to public profile (You need to allow "Rank")
  • Added multilingual support (German and English at the moment, selected by browser language, can be overwritten on settings-page)
  • Changed Layout for Match-List to be more compact
  • Caching user-stats locally to prevent high server load due to excessive api calls
  • Fixed some minor bugs
  • Added "last 10 matches" to public profile (has to be activated by the user)
  • Added some backend Scripts for new features for next version
  • Fixed some minor backend bugs
  • Performance Improvements on personal and overall statistics
  • Performance Improvements on public profile sites
  • Added export-functionality for match-history as csv for Excel (works only for matches fetched by
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